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Female empowerment really is important to me. I’m a big nerd of the books from the 15th Century and 16th Century, when the men had all the power and the women had none of it


I’ve been working on my own music. I’ve been writing an album, stuff that’s kind of personal to my own life.


I’m pretty smart with boys. I know how to handle them and I know what to do around them.


My life has definitely changed since Modern Family. The show has made me more responsible, I really want to be a good role model for all kids so I have to think about what I say and do and how it looks to other kids!


When I am not working, I go to the movies, text my friends, my thumbs are faster than lightening on that keyboard!, write songs, sing, dance, Facebook, Twitter and spend time with my besties. I am also a songwriter and I love to write about my life experiences.


Filming a movie is different from a TV show because film is a lot quicker, you get to see the character progress and grow all in one script, and in television, you wait for a weekly update on each character.


Life happens, you grow up and everyone just has to learn to treat you more like an adult.


It’s always awkward when you go from being a kid on the show to being a young woman. And yeah, it’s odd, now that I’m 16 given I started when I was 11 … now there’s boys and there’s boobs.


No matter what you look like or think you look like, you’re special and loved and perfect just the way you are.


Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked hot in that dress, and if you hate it, don’t buy it. But please get a hobby.


Sometimes it’s either the boobs, sometimes it’ the legs, you’ve got to pick one. When you’re a curvy girl, one’s got to be out.


It was definitely a journey for me to learn to accept my body, I finally said to myself, This is who I am. There’s no way I’m changing, and I should learn to love and accept it. And I did. It just took me awhile.


But then as I got older, I was surrounded by people like Sofía Vergara, and people who were curvier like me and were proud of it. And who were showing it off. That really helped me to move forward and be proud of my body.


I was very insecure when I was younger because I did grow up in the public eye.


They are so nerve-wracking because there’s lights everywhere, and sometimes I’ll like turn and be talking and I’ll see a photo the next day and I’ll be like, “Aaaah”, and being crazy, so it’s definitely interesting, but it’s a lot of fun. I’m really lucky at the age I am to be able to be here and to be doing what I love.


When I was younger, it took a lot more of a toll on me than it does now, three or four years ago, I would have been devastated, like, “Why do people feel this way about me? I’m just being me. My sister helped me understand that people will say those things regardless of how you look. I tell myself every day, I look fabulous.


It’s called being a woman in the industry, It’s complete sexism. It’s really degrading, annoying and sad that this is what the media puts out, it’s disgusting to me. At this stage, you get sort of jaded after a certain period of time, I feel like I’ve been in the industry for so long that I have gotten to that point where people’s comments and the exposure doesn’t bother me as much.


I’ve been cyberbullied for just about everything that I could possibly be cyberbullied for now when I see negativity online towards young girls it makes me feel to do something about it. To change that conversation so it can be more positive so young girls don’t have to feel that way.


To empower young women, you have to be that example. I have niece that are in that prime age and it’s really important for me with the 7 and the 8 year old to promote body positivity to them because I even see now as they go to school, kids use the word fat all the time, kids are really harsh on each other. And so I think for my nieces, the biggest thing for me is, I show them that I am confident, and I feel good about myself. I think that the best way to teach them.


I think the most important thing for young girls to do if they see cyberbullying is to step in and to be that person that is the change, the voice of reason, the voice of positivity. To step in and say “This is not necessary and this is not what I’m going to stand for.”


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